“How would you like to get paid handsomely for what you absolutely love doing?”

This was a question I posed to all those who joined in my recent online marketing planning programme.

It was a question that got Helen thinking!

Helen runs Splash PR and has done so for the past 26 years. She has expert knowledge in the property industry, and this is her niche.

This question produced a light bulb moment for Helen. She realised that the work that gives her a real buzz was hidden from the view of potential clients!

Helen said, “Nicola was fantastic at helping me think about what I actually enjoyed doing most.”

Her next step was to create packages from her various services.

It’s creating thought leadership pieces where Helen has a particular flare. She spots news stories and uses these to present her client’s expert opinions on specific issues affecting the wider property and construction industry.

So, she packaged up this service, clearly articulating the value to the client. When the Thought Leadership package is viewed next to her basic offering and a premium package containing all her services, it’s an extremely attractive and compelling offer.

The cherry on the cake for Helen is that, whereas previously this service was undervalued and under-priced, she’s now adjusted the pricing to reflect her area of expertise and the value it delivers to her clients.Helen Lambell Splash PR

Later in my programme I made a comment that stuck in Helen’s mind. “Nicola said that what we talk about is what we get!”

Obvious really! But, Helen realised all she really talked about was her lowest earning offering. She now considers this as her ‘bread and butter’ service. She’ll sell it with ease and it’s a nice to have when it comes in.

Helen said, “I’ve started writing LinkedIn blogs which focus on my favourite area with the aim that I become known as an expert in that field. Until that point thought leadership had been an ‘add on’ which I’d hardly even acknowledged – to myself let alone clients. Now it is the main thrust of my marketing.”

With regards to the support during the programme Helen said, “Nicola was brilliant at feeding back on things I trialled and, as an outside observer, was able to view things from a fresh and expert perspective – invaluable when you have been working for yourself for a long time. Even though I may be good at what I do, having someone else look at it and tell me ‘hey – this is what makes you you’, was incredibly powerful.”

I hope you find Helen’s story inspiring and maybe it’s got you thinking.

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