Marketing Planning Programme – online

The Marketing Planning Programme – for Consultants, Coaches and Service Providers

… who want to attract premium paying clients who they love to work with WITHOUT the uncomfortable feeling of selling.

If you’ve ever downloaded a marketing plan template from the Internet or searched for a marketing training course, you may have noticed that they are almost always designed for larger companies; those with HR, Finance, Sales and Operations Departments.

As a consultant, coach or solo business owner, these templates and courses may not have felt quite right and perhaps you couldn’t put your finger on why they weren’t a good fit.

That’s perfectly okay.

During your corporate career, you had teams to support you and experts to turn to for help if there was something you didn’t know or understand. Whole departments existed to focus on marketing, setting objectives and goals and measuring results.

But now, marketing falls squarely in your lap.

You feel rudderless, all at sea, with nobody around to guide you to where you want to be.

And you’re beginning to wonder if your dream of having a successful business is ever going to materialise.

The Marketing Planning Programme… for Consultants is designed specifically to banish the frustrating ad-hoc and scattergun approach and give you the confidence and skills to develop marketing strategies and create marketing activities that deliver the clients you desire, all carefully managed within the time you have available and without putting a dent in your budget.


Week 1 – Setting the Marketing Scene

In this session you will…

  • Define your financial goal and break this down so you know how many clients you need to sign up during the year.
  • Audit your past and present clients to identify patterns that will allow you to confidently predict which type of client will deliver you the most success, so you attract more of these profitable clients that you love to work with.
  • Review where your business has been coming from, so you can see what’s been working well and do more of it and what can be improved to produce better results. Discover the gaps to see if there are new ways of attracting more of your ideal clients.

Week 2 – Getting to know your ideal client

In this session you will…

  • Decide who your ideal client is, the ones you really love working with, who are rewarding, fun and profitable, so you can appeal to and attract many more of these perfect clients.
  • Define your ideal clients’ problems, so that you can position yourself with authority and as the must go to person.
  • Identify what triggers them to take action, so that you can create attention grabbing and compelling marketing messages that will motivate them to choose you.

Week 3 – Why YOU?

In this session you will…

  • Determine what makes you a more attractive proposition than your competitors so you become the obvious choice for your ideal client.
  • Plot your customer journey so that you can wow them every step of the way.
  • Show how you care, so your ideal client understands what makes you special and connects with you as a human being.

Week 4 – Create a targeted marketing campaign

In this session you will…

  • Discover a straightforward marketing campaign blueprint that’s quick and easy to use over and over again.
  • Create a bespoke marketing campaign that’s broken down into manageable steps so that it fits with the time you have available.
  • Choose the optimum combination of methods to deliver your message, so that you maximise the results from your marketing campaign.

Week 5 – Consistent Visibility

In this session you will…

  • Create a repeatable 30-day content plan to drip feed relevant, interesting and helpful information to your ideal client, so that you remain on their radar and when the time is right you are the obvious choice.
  • Build trust through creating a client story that demonstrates the value you bring and the results you deliver.
  • Develop a system that makes the most of every piece of content you create, so that you increase the number of ideal clients that view your messages and increase the number of enquiries into your inbox.

Week 6 – GET IT DONE day with Q&A support

In this session you will…

  • Dedicate time to work on your business, so that you maximise the results from what you have learnt in this programme.
  • Ask me, Nicola, any questions you have relating to your business and your marketing, so that you are clear on the steps that will take your business to the next level.
  • Share your achievements and celebrate your wins, so that you move forward with confidence, inspired about how to promote yourself and motivated to spread the word about the amazing results you achieve for your clients.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there are THREE BONUSES:

Bonus #1 – Compelling Content Creation Guide

If you’re not used to writing marketing content or you don’t feel confident about what to say and how to say it, this guide removes the fear and makes writing engaging content easy.

The guide includes:

  • How to come up with the topics that promote your services without feeling salesy.
  • A logical framework for setting out a blog article so that you never look at a blank page/screen again, write content that flows and generates enquiries from ideal clients who are ready to buy.

Bonus #2 – Marketing Campaign Activity Schedule

Receive a tried and tested 6 week Marketing Campaign Activity Schedule, which breaks down to a micro level every small action you need to take to promote an online workshop, live event or webinar, so that you can implement your campaign on autopilot.

  • The Marketing Campaign Activity Schedule keeps you on track to maximise the participants to your event.

Bonus #3 – Case Study Template

Client stories are the perfect vehicle to showcase your expertise and results. Prospective clients feel reassured when they see you’ve helped ‘people like them’.
We believe our circumstances are unique so seeing your previous success with their problem is a big draw.
Often, a prospective client will experience the full ‘meet, like, know, trust’ from one client story.

So, my 3rd bonus, you’ll receive:

  • Case Study template that guides you through the sequence of content required to create a strong and compelling client story that leaves your ideal client wanting to work with you.


Working on your own can be a lonely place, especially when you’ve been used to having colleagues to bounce ideas off and provide feedback.

That’s why during the 6 weeks programme you will be 100% supported by me, Nicola, and your peers in our private Facebook group.

You’ll experience the power of collaboration and benefit from bright ideas shared by others in the group treading the same path as you.

STARTS: 20th July 2020

All sessions will be delivered via Zoom, so you can attend from wherever you are in the world.

All sessions will be recorded and stored in the Facebook Group for your ongoing access, so if you can’t make any or all of the sessions, you won’t miss out.

YOUR INVESTMENT: Special Launch price – £99

…when you buy The Marketing Plan Programme for Consultants, Coaches and Service Providers.

This special launch price represents a onetime discount of £400 (full price £499), so it’s a unique deal not to be missed.


Perfect For

Consultants, coaches and service providers who are fed up with their ad-hoc approach to marketing, are nervous about promoting their business and getting it wrong, and want to generate a flow of enquiries from clients they’d love to work with.

Attractive Marketing Clients Say

This LinkedIn workshop helped us take a quantum leap in what has always been a confusing area for us.

Ken Gorman - Transworld Business Advisors

One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended and to anyone who’s thinking about signing up I’d highly recommend that you do and make the most of Nicola’s skills to help maximise your online potential to attract the right clients for you!

Charlie Jeffrey – Fortis Mortgage Brokers

If I can get that much marketing advice from one LinkedIn workshop, I can’t wait to see what Nicola can do for my business in the future!

Anna Randall – Public Speaking Coach

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