Spice up your marketing

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Something new injects a dose of energy, motivation and enthusiasm into you and your business. It ensures you don’t get stuck in a rut. “If you always do what you’ve always done………”, you know how it goes. Not somewhere any of us wants to be. I like to try something new each year. It might

How to review your marketing activities

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Make time to review your 2018 marketing activities Before you start to plan your marketing activities for 2019 it’s really helpful to understand what worked and what didn’t during the previous year. This will help you to make some important decisions, such as: Stop wasting time and money on activities that are not delivering a return

How will GDPR affect marketing?

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I seriously don't want to hop onto the GDPR bandwagon! Everywhere you turn there's a webinar, seminar or blog post about the new General Data Protection Regulation that comes into force on 25th May 2018. There's no use putting our heads in the sand, there are 'things' that we'll all have to put into place

Free business book

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A Business Book with a difference I'm so happy to be able to offer you this free business book, thanks to my friend, Chris Thomason. I've mentioned before the power storytelling as a means to deliver your marketing messages. The power of storytelling When you meet someone networking, describing how you've helped a client makes it so

Lessons learnt in the last 6 years

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1st June 2011 was the date I started Attractive Marketing. The last six years have been brilliant. I’ve worked with a wide variety of interesting businesses and met some wonderful people. I’ve tried some things that haven’t worked, but I’ve clearly done many things that have contributed to my successes. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to

3 Steps to improve your marketing results

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One reason why marketing campaigns fail is because three crucial steps have been by-passed. It’s an easy mistake to make and one that often happens without you even realising it. To understand why this mistake has occurred, you need to know the difference between Strategic Marketing and Tactical Marketing. Simply put, it looks like this:

Local SEO for local business

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A guest blog is a great way to add variety to the topics of your regular articles and this is exactly what I've done here. Mark Hughes and Philip Waite generously gave away loads of great tips in their presentation at 'How Trusted Sales and Technology can Transform your Business', a conference held by Nicci Bonfanti.

Email subject lines

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My inspiration for writing this latest marketing tip has come from recent work I've been doing with Alastair Badman of Bespoke Business Software; which is creating a campaign using LinkedIn to connect with potential prospects. Crafting an impactful email Having identified their target market (an exercise we did when re-writing the copy for their website) I

Business award winning tips

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October has been a great news month for business awards. The story that I wrote for Reigate Manor about the VIP Bride and Groom return to Reigate Manor after 50 Years won Best PR Story 2016. Here you can see Giles Thomas, General Manager at Reigate Manor Hotel and me being presented with the winners trophy by