Low Risk Taster

7 business points for success

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We’ve introduced a new section to the award winning monthly Dorking Rugby Club Networking event. We’ve called it The Goal. It’s an opportunity for our loyal supporters to give a 10-minute presentation when they can share 7 points (in rugby terms this is a converted try!) that have helped them achieve success in their business. I kicked off The Goal and here are my 7 business points for success. 1) Break down your big financial goal This is always the starting point in my Marketing Planning workshops and when I start working with any new client. You may have an

Low Risk Taster

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I regularly talk about stepping stones to describe the process of guiding your contacts to become prospects and your prospects to become customers. Each stepping stone is a marketing activity that draws people closer to you.  It enables them to understand how you can help them, feel comfortable that you'll do a great job for them and be confident and enthused enough to place an order. Low Risk Taster A Low Risk Taster brings a prospect one step closer to becoming a customer. A Low Risk Taster is an activity where, for a small financial outlay, your prospect can experience what it