Lead magnet

Building Relationships

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Stay in touch and add value A question to ponder over the summer whilst you’re relaxing on a sun lounger, sipping a refreshing cocktail: How many people have you met this year that are potential customers or know someone that they could recommend you to? And the next question is: How have you kept in contact with them since you first met? Chances are their business card has joined the hundreds of others in your desk draw or their email has slipped down your ever expanding inbox. You've almost forgotten who they are and they've completely forgotten who you are.

Creating a lead magnet

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How attractive is your website? I’m not referring to the colours, images and lay out. I want to know if your website is grabbing visitors’ attention and compelling them to take some kind of action. Generally, we like to do a bit of research and find out a bit more about people before we decide to actually pick up the phone and start asking questions. A great way to bridge the gap between a visit to your website and having that first conversation is some kind of document or interaction that the visitor can receive in exchange for their email