Building Relationships

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Stay in touch and add value A question to ponder over the summer whilst you’re relaxing on a sun lounger, sipping a refreshing cocktail: How many people have you met this year that are potential customers or know someone that they could recommend you to? And the next question is: How have you kept in contact with them since you first met? Chances are their business card has joined the hundreds of others in your desk draw or their email has slipped down your ever expanding inbox. You've almost forgotten who they are and they've completely forgotten who you are.

How to Love your Prospects

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of joining Nicci Bonfanti of Manage2Improve and her other guest, Julia McPherson of Just Ask Julia, on a webinar entitled ‘Love your prospects’. We were addressing three questions: 1. What can you do to show the right people that you care? 2. How can you build trust with your prospects? 3. How can you keep in touch with your prospects until the time is right? Hopefully your marketing efforts are building your list of potential customers. But it can take time for them to feel sufficiently confident to do business with you. They