Email subject lines

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My inspiration for writing this latest marketing tip has come from recent work I've been doing with Alastair Badman of Bespoke Business Software; which is creating a campaign using LinkedIn to connect with potential prospects. Crafting an impactful email Having identified their target market (an exercise we did when re-writing the copy for their website) I crafted a short email that followed a three step format: Empathised with the recipients’ current business issue (too much time on administration, double entering data and collating reports) Painted a picture of how their life would be better once this problem had been resolved (control and

Business award winning tips

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October has been a great news month for business awards. The story that I wrote for Reigate Manor about the VIP Bride and Groom return to Reigate Manor after 50 Years won Best PR Story 2016. Here you can see Giles Thomas, General Manager at Reigate Manor Hotel and me being presented with the winners trophy by the Presidents for Surrey Chambers and the British Chamber of Commerce. SME Surrey Business Awards - Finalists Reigate Manor is also a double finalist in the SME Surrey Business Awards in the category Reigate and Banstead Council Business of the Year and Best Customer Service.

Best PR story 2016

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I was delighted to hear that a story I wrote for Reigate Manor Hotel, which was picked up by the local press, has been shortlisted for a Surrey Chambers Award. Surrey Chambers Award - Best PR Story 2016 To win this award we need your vote....please!  Anyone can vote (you don't have to be a Surrey Chambers member). So, if you like this delightful story with a touch of romance, follow the 'Vote Here' link below, scroll to the bottom of the page, choose 50 years on – Anniversary – Reigate Manor Hotel and cast your vote. THANK YOU! VOTE HERE! The story

How do you show you care?

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When you’re considering how you would like your business to be perceived by prospects you’d like to attract and customers you’d like to keep, you’ve probably looked at: The types of problems that your customers have that you resolve The products and services that you offer to resolve their problems Hopefully you’ve considered: How you’ve adapted your offering to make it totally relevant to your target audience The appropriate price point that reflects the level of service or quality of product How else can you reassure that you are the one they should choose? Well, you’ll be demonstrating your understanding and

Measuring marketing success

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Why measure your marketing? Seems like a pretty obvious question, but I wonder how many of us actually measure the results from our marketing. Perhaps you’ve left the corporate world to get away from the pressures of targets and endless meetings presenting figures and forecasts. Those were the days when you were accountable to others. Today you have to be accountable to yourself! It certainly pays to keep your eye on results achieved from your marketing efforts. This will help you to make better decisions and ensure that your marketing budget is spent wisely. Time is a valuable resource too and knowing

Launching Sprint for Growth

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1st June marks the 5th Anniversary of Attractive Marketing!  I'd like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all those lovely people who have supported me during this exciting and very satisfying journey. I hope in return you find my regular marketing tips helpful for your business. There's many more to come! Launching Sprint for Growth | The Blueprint It seems very apt that I've chosen this time to launch Sprint for Growth.  Sprint for Growth is a joint project with Chris Thomason of Ingenious Growth. Together we've created The Blueprint. The Blueprint is the BIG picture of your BIGGER picture and

Customer Experience Sensations

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In a previous marketing tip, I’ve talked about creating benefit statements to help you identify what it is about you, your products, your services and your business that makes you different. The things that help you to stand out of the crowd. Another way to differentiate yourself is by giving an outstanding customer experience. The sensations they feel, when they interact with you and do business with you will make you stand head and shoulders above your competition. They’ll talk about their experiences and, let’s face it, we know how powerful word of mouth is. In recent research by Salesforce

The missing piece of the networking puzzle

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Where do you network? That’s a question that I’m often asked and I suspect it’s because the enquirer feels they are not getting the results that they’d like from the effort they are putting into networking. They're wondering if there is a networking event, meeting or group that they're missing out on. One that would actually start to work for them. I suspect they’re disillusioned with the lack of opportunities arising. After all networking is extremely time consuming and can be a big dent in your marketing budget. So it makes sense to keep an eye on what you are achieving from

Introductions via LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is great for introductions To connect or not to connect on LinkedIn? That is the question. What do you do when you receive a LinkedIn invitation to connect? Do you?: Hit accept and move on or Just ignore it and move on From conversations I've had it seems that both of these reactions are the norm. Some people want to keep their connections nice and tidy, just including those they've met. Others are happy to collect as many connections as possible; the more the merrier. Thing is, both strategies seem to have the same outcome; zilch. I believe the