7 business points for success

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We’ve introduced a new section to the award winning monthly Dorking Rugby Club Networking event. We’ve called it The Goal. It’s an opportunity for our loyal supporters to give a 10-minute presentation when they can share 7 points (in rugby terms this is a converted try!) that have helped them achieve success in their business. I kicked off The Goal and here are my 7 business points for success. 1) Break down your big financial goal This is always the starting point in my Marketing Planning workshops and when I start working with any new client. You may have an

3 PR tips from the expert

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I'm delighted to invite Tina Fotherby, Founder of PR agency Famous Publicity to share her top 3 PR tips.  Over to you Tina! Why put time and effort into PR? Public relations is one of the most effective forms of ‘marketing communications’ because publicity naturally appears in publications, so caries the third party endorsement of the title involved. If you are a small business owner, you may well wonder how on earth you can get a piece of the action. So many people say that Public Relations is good because it is free. It is only free in that you do not pay

FSB Surrey Business Awards

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We were delighted to hear that the networking group that Chris Webb of Marks Howard and I launched just over a year ago has made it to the finals of the FSB Surrey Business Awards.   Here are a few reasons why I believe we caught the eye of the judges and made it to the finals. We bring fun to the serious job of networking THE FORWARDS – Relaxed open networking over a welcome drink from the bar. THE SCRUM - This is where it gets interesting! A networker will join three different tables of 4 or 5 people and

How do I find my customers?

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Surrey Chambers of Commerce asked me to answer one of the most frequently asked questions by their members for their 'Ask the Expert' feature in The Chamber magazine. If you don't receive this excellent publication and missed the chance to read my response here it is. How do I find my customers? This is a frequently asked question, which is best answered by another question. Who are you targeting? If the answer to that question is ‘well everyone can do with my services’, that’s probably why there is confusion over how to find your customers. It’s very tempting, particularly when

Low Risk Taster

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I regularly talk about stepping stones to describe the process of guiding your contacts to become prospects and your prospects to become customers. Each stepping stone is a marketing activity that draws people closer to you.  It enables them to understand how you can help them, feel comfortable that you'll do a great job for them and be confident and enthused enough to place an order. Low Risk Taster A Low Risk Taster brings a prospect one step closer to becoming a customer. A Low Risk Taster is an activity where, for a small financial outlay, your prospect can experience what it

Customer Journey

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How attentive are you to your customer’s journey? Have you ever considered all the different touch points your customers have throughout their journey with you? If you were to jot all these touch points down you might be surprised by the insight this could give you. It’s a real eye opener I’ve completed this exercise with several business owners recently. I also did it for myself! And it’s been quite an eye opener. Put your marketing hat on for a moment and take a look at all the different touch points there are. Think about the very first time they

Brand image

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How do people feel about you? We all know that people do business with the people they like. So it’s really important to know how others feel about us. People do business with people they like Here's an example... Imagine that you are in the market for a new website. You’ve had your existing one for 3 years. It was created by a friend as a favour when you first started your business. You now are firmly established and wish to invest in a website that truly reflects the brand you’ve developed and the personality that your contacts have come to

What should I charge for my workshop?

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'What should I charge for my workshop?' is a question that I've been asked several times this month and many, many times over the years. It's a tough decision to make, because you will have spent hours and hours creating great content to develop a workshop that’s going to make a real difference to those that attend. So how do you set a realistic price? Here are some of the questions I would ask to help you come to a decision that you are happy with. What’s the format? Just so that we are clear, there is a difference between a seminar and workshop.

How to get the most out of an exhibition

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The preparation is complete and it's the day of the exhibition, how are you going to ensure that the time and effort you've already put in pays off?  Here are my: Top three tips for making the most of the exhibition day What’s your icebreaker? What’s your killer question? Lead capture form What’s your icebreaker? Whether you’re a seasoned exhibitor or it’s fairly new to you, getting people to stop at your stand can be quite a challenge. If you’ve visited an exhibition you’ve probably seen lots of examples of how not to do it.  It amazes me how many

Give your prospects an experience to remember

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Give your prospects an experience and make them want to come back for more I spent last Saturday at an event organised by Carole Bozkurt and Ann Rennie who brought together a very interesting group of branding experts.  This was a selfie taken at the end of the day!  One of the speakers was Melissa Noakes who is head of Experiential Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications. She showed us a photo of an exhibition village that Sony had created that allowed their prospects and customers to experience Sony’s products. They wanted to give them a chance to identify with their brand