How attentive are you to your customer’s journey?

Have you ever considered all the different touch points your customers have throughout their journey with you?

If you were to jot all these touch points down you might be surprised by the insight this could give you.

It’s a real eye opener

I’ve completed this exercise with several business owners recently. I also did it for myself! And it’s been quite an eye opener.

Put your marketing hat on for a moment and take a look at all the different touch points there are.

Think about the very first time they realise you exist and what happens as they become more interested in you realising they have a need and you have a solution, through to when they place an order.

These are some of the things you might notice:

  1. After the first brain dump you’ll come back to add additional touch points to your list that at first weren’t quite so obvious. Think; search engine optimisation or emailing an invoice.
  2. There might be lots of activity at the beginning of the relationship when they are merely a contact or a lukewarm prospect, but the instances drop off when they become a customer.
  3. There are weak points where you are missing an opportunity to enrich the relationship; turning prospects into customers and customers into loyal clients and loyal clients into your best referrers.

Mind the gap!

What can you learn from this?

  1. Are you making the most of every time you make contact? Could there be a little tweak that makes a big difference?
  2. Are there gaps where you could be neglecting your contacts? This might mean you are slipping off their radar; forgotten.
  3. What can you do to nudge your contacts from one stage of the relationship building process to the next?

Plot your Customer’s Journey

I’ve created a template that plots your customer’s journey, taking them through 9 different touch points.

By using this template and noting down all the touch points you have with your contacts you will be able to see where you can make improvements. You can then decide what course of action to take that will move them to the next stage of the relationship with you.

The results:

When you focus on ways to improve the touch points you have throughout your Customer’s Journey you will:

  • Generate more leads
  • Convert more prospects to customers
  • Increase sales revenue
  • Reduce attrition

If you would like to plot your Customer Journey by using this template simply email me with ‘Customer Journey Template’ in the subject line.