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Improve marketing results through marginal gains

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I’m reading Matthew Syed’s Black Box Thinking and the chapter on marginal gains has got me thinking. Syed tells a great story about his encounter with Sir David Brailsford, who in 2010 became the general manager of Team Sky. Brailsford’s mission was to win the Tour de France within 5 years. A British team had never won the Tour de France since it started in 1903. His critics thought he was nuts. Brailsford achieved his goal 3 years early. As we know, in 2012 Sir Bradley Wiggins was the first British rider to win the Tour de France. Chris Froome

Positive vibes that bring smiles

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Many years ago, I remember thinking "why isn't there a newspaper that only publishes good news." Depressing headlines about awful crimes, politicians more interested in their own future than that of our country and corrupt humans taking liberties against good people, bombard us on an daily basis. The negativity soaks into your bones. Not a great way to get through the day. The glass is more than half full But, something extremely positive popped into my inbox this morning from Alison Reid. Alison is a leadership expert, speaker, coach and author, who I met a few years ago when we

FSB Surrey Business Award Winner

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Winner for Networking Group of the Year Finally the nail biting was over as the FSB Surrey Business Awards Winners were announced! Chris Webb of Marks Howard LLP and Nicola Macdonald of Attractive Marketing were delighted to win the Networking Group of the Year award for Dorking Rugby Club Networking. We were presented this wonderful trophy at the Awards Dinner held at Mercedes Benz World on 18th November. You can read why I believe we won this award here.    

FSB Surrey Business Awards

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We were delighted to hear that the networking group that Chris Webb of Marks Howard and I launched just over a year ago has made it to the finals of the FSB Surrey Business Awards.   Here are a few reasons why I believe we caught the eye of the judges and made it to the finals. We bring fun to the serious job of networking THE FORWARDS – Relaxed open networking over a welcome drink from the bar. THE SCRUM - This is where it gets interesting! A networker will join three different tables of 4 or 5 people and

Networking mistakes to avoid

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A common networking mistake.  Don't tell me what you do. Meet Jane. She’s not long started her business after qualifying as a Hypnotherapist. She’s eager to start working with some clients who will pay for her services. She’s heard of a networking group local to her and thought she might go along to find out more. Having been welcomed by the organiser she is introduced to a group of people and welcoming smiles are exchanged. The person on her left looks at her badge and says ‘Hello Jane, what do you do?’ Now at this point Jane should beware! This

Guest speaking at networking events

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Last month’s marketing tip was ‘How can your prospects try before they buy’.  However for some, because of the type of products and services offered, it’s not so easy to do this. So how else can you demonstrate your expertise? Offering to speak at networking events provides a great opportunity to raise your profile and explain how you can resolve your audience’s problems through your products and services.  Immediately, you are the expert in the room and in the minds of your audience. Being a guest speaker could be pushing you way out of your comfort zone but it really