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Blogging is a no brainer

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I spotted and shared this infographic, thanks to a post from Karen Repoli on behalf of Business 2 Community. Credit @@affleaders It just screamed at me: ‘Blogging’ – why wouldn’t you?!’ Blogging is a no brainer Seeing that a blog lasts 2 years says to me that writing articles for your website is where the

Lessons learnt in the last 6 years

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1st June 2011 was the date I started Attractive Marketing. The last six years have been brilliant. I’ve worked with a wide variety of interesting businesses and met some wonderful people. I’ve tried some things that haven’t worked, but I’ve clearly done many things that have contributed to my successes. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to

You are your best marketing tool

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Your most powerful marketing tool could be right under your nose She could have knocked me down with a feather! I've been meeting up with Charlie Lloyd of Lloyd HR Consultancy once a month for nearly a year now. She's participated in my marketing coaching package and I've been showing her how to create her