On a whim, I signed up for a webinar.

Within less than 10 minutes I’d left.

I expect you’ve done the same.

Of course, you need to spend a few minutes building your credibility. The danger is that if you blow your own trumpet for too long and start dropping in some sales bombs too early, you’re going to lose the attention and blow any trust you’d worked so hard to gain.

Had I been thrown a few juicy nuggets early on, I may not have bailed so early.

This got me thinking about how important it is to GIVE.

I’m known for being generous with my knowledge. It’s the way I like to help and how I’ve built an engaged audience.

When the time is right for them, I’m the obvious choice because of the juicy nuggets I’ve been sharing over the preceding months and years.

That’s why, one of the phases in my Marketing-ACTION-PROFITS Mastermind is focused on the prospect and customer experience throughout their journey with you.

How to build an engaged audience

When you WOW your prospects and customers every step of the way, you make it an easy decision for them to choose to work with you.

Think about your customer journey with all the touch points and interactions they have with you, from the very first time they become aware of you, right through to when they’ve finished working with you.

  • How do you make a positively memorable first impression?
  • What juicy nugget do you give that will get them interested and want to find out more?
  • What’s the next juicy nugget that’s really valuable to them? And the one after that?

Not only are these juicy nuggets gratefully received, they allow you to gradually build the relationship. Sharing your knowledge (aka juicy nuggets) demonstrates your expertise, builds trust and forms a connection into your world…

…until the timing is right for your prospect to choose to become a customer.

Then as a customer, how do you over deliver and exceed their expectations, so they’re eager to buy again or move to your premium service.

Delighted customers will always recommend, introducing you to more people just like them.

When you map out your customer journey and observe every touch point your audience has with you, you can start to see the gaps where you could improve the communication and the sharing of your knowledge.

You’ll also notice improvements that can be made so that every interaction is as ‘juicy’ and memorable as possible!

If you’re ready to WOW your contacts and build a strong pipeline of ideal clients who are ready to buy and you’d like my guidance, support and accountability to achieve this, then simply contact me or give me a call on 07565 382803.