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5 ways to grab attention…quickly

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It's becoming increasingly difficult to grab attention in a world that's getting 'noisier' by the day. To be successful in grabbing attention we need to be a little more creative and I'm not suggesting throwing cold water over your prospects! 1. Infographics grab attention Infographics are a great way to grab attention quickly through colour, images and design. Steve Oakes of Turquoise Creative has published an article called Make it snappy with Infographics. Come back and check it out. Infographics entice the viewer to take a closer look and piques their interest to find out more. As Steve says, infographics are great for “Coaxing

Low Risk Taster

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I regularly talk about stepping stones to describe the process of guiding your contacts to become prospects and your prospects to become customers. Each stepping stone is a marketing activity that draws people closer to you.  It enables them to understand how you can help them, feel comfortable that you'll do a great job for them and be confident and enthused enough to place an order. Low Risk Taster A Low Risk Taster brings a prospect one step closer to becoming a customer. A Low Risk Taster is an activity where, for a small financial outlay, your prospect can experience what it