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5 ways to grab attention…quickly

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It's becoming increasingly difficult to grab attention in a world that's getting 'noisier' by the day. To be successful in grabbing attention we need to be a little more creative and I'm not suggesting throwing cold water over your prospects! 1. Infographics grab attention Infographics are a great way to grab attention quickly through colour, images and design. Steve Oakes of Turquoise Creative has published an article called Make it snappy with Infographics. Come back and check it out. Infographics entice the viewer to take a closer look and piques their interest to find out more. As Steve says, infographics are great for “Coaxing

Breathe long life into your blog articles

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I was chatting to someone recently that I’d never previously met and they said to me “you’re known for being very generous with your knowledge”. That made me smile! It made me feel very happy, for a couple of reasons. How do you wish to be known? Firstly, I remembered an exercise I ask the delegates on my Social Media Marketing workshop to do, which is to come up with 3 words they would like to be known for. For example the luxury brand Mulberry wishes to be known for timeless design coupled with traditional quality and a sense of the here and now.

Lessons learnt in the last 6 years

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1st June 2011 was the date I started Attractive Marketing. The last six years have been brilliant. I’ve worked with a wide variety of interesting businesses and met some wonderful people. I’ve tried some things that haven’t worked, but I’ve clearly done many things that have contributed to my successes. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to reflect on the last six years and come up with the top three learnings that I would pass on to someone who was just starting their business. Equally, I’m fond of the saying that you never stop learning, so these points may also help some

Email subject lines that grab attention

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My inspiration for writing this marketing tip has come from recent work I've been doing with Alastair Badman of Bespoke Business Software; which is creating a campaign using email marketing to connect with potential clients. Crafting an impactful email Having identified their target market (an exercise we did when re-writing the copy for their website) I crafted a short email that followed a three step format: Empathised with the recipients’ current business issue (too much time on administration, double entering data and collating reports) Painted a picture of how their life would be better once this problem had been resolved (control and

7 business points for success

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We’ve introduced a new section to the award winning monthly Dorking Rugby Club Networking event. We’ve called it The Goal. It’s an opportunity for our loyal supporters to give a 10-minute presentation when they can share 7 points (in rugby terms this is a converted try!) that have helped them achieve success in their business. I kicked off The Goal and here are my 7 business points for success. 1) Break down your big financial goal This is always the starting point in my Marketing Planning workshops and when I start working with any new client. You may have an

Building Relationships

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Stay in touch and add value A question to ponder over the summer whilst you’re relaxing on a sun lounger, sipping a refreshing cocktail: How many people have you met this year that are potential customers or know someone that they could recommend you to? And the next question is: How have you kept in contact with them since you first met? Chances are their business card has joined the hundreds of others in your desk draw or their email has slipped down your ever expanding inbox. You've almost forgotten who they are and they've completely forgotten who you are.

How to Love your Prospects

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of joining Nicci Bonfanti of Manage2Improve and her other guest, Julia McPherson of Just Ask Julia, on a webinar entitled ‘Love your prospects’. We were addressing three questions: 1. What can you do to show the right people that you care? 2. How can you build trust with your prospects? 3. How can you keep in touch with your prospects until the time is right? Hopefully your marketing efforts are building your list of potential customers. But it can take time for them to feel sufficiently confident to do business with you. They

What makes great content?

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Content marketing You may have heard the expression ‘content is king’ banded about recently or the emergence of ‘content marketing’. This is because Google is rewarding higher page rankings to websites with good, regular, new content. The basic website marketing still applies, but any Search Engine Optimisation specialist worth their salt should be talking to you about content. An effective way to ensure that your website is continually evolving with good quality content is to add regular articles. This is often seen on the main menu as a tab called ‘News’, ‘Blog’ or perhaps more specific to the website such