It was 9 years ago that I left employment to work for myself and I’ve loved every moment.

If I were asked by someone who is starting out today, what one thing they could do to help them grow their business, my answer would be “build an email marketing list”.

It’s this activity that has allowed me to work with hundreds of business owners, helping them to develop their marketing strategy and create marketing activities that generate a flow of quality enquiries for them.

Here’s why building your email marketing list is so valuable.

Last week I received an introduction to a consultant who would like help connecting with their target market.

There’s nothing unusual about this referral. It happens all the time and I’m always very grateful.

What is notable is that the introduction came from someone I met, only a couple of times, in 2012.

Could you remember someone you met briefly eight years ago, let alone think of recommending them?

How to create a positive impression year after year

The reason I generated this enquiry was because when I started Attractive Marketing, I asked the people I met if I could add them to my email list.

It’s often said that an email marketing list (or database) is the life blood of a business.

Of course, you have to do something with the list. So, at the same time, I committed to sharing a monthly marketing tip which is emailed to my list and goes on my website.

Just like this one!

This is my way of staying in touch with you and helping you grow your business. It’s a great way to share my marketing knowledge, continue to add value and build relationships.

Aside from staying in touch and positioning yourself as the expert in your field, there are other marketing benefits of committing to send great content to your email list every month:

  • Consistently creating valuable content means you always have something of interest to post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. And of course directly into the inbox of your contacts.
  • Adding a helpful and relevant article to your website every month creates a treasure trove that you can keep directing your prospects and clients to.
  • Great for SEO. You’re more likely to appear in searches because Google loves that you’re regularly adding a new page to your website.

So, the process you can implement for generating enquiries year after year I call an Attractive eNewsletter. It goes like this:

  1. Add an article to your website that shares great value and positions you as the expert.
  2. Email your contacts to introduce your topic and include a link to your website where the full article can be read or include the full article in your email.
  3. Share updates on your social media profiles about your latest topic or tip. This can be done several times (repurposing your content) using slightly different angles, getting as much ‘bang for your buck’ out of your hard work!

It’s this process that will get you remembered year after year and will regularly generate you enquiries.

If you would like learn how to create your own Attractive eNewsletter, in a Marketing Coaching session email me or give me a call on 07565 382803.

If you’re concerned about introducing an Attractive eNewsletter because your enthusiasm, energy, inspiration or time fizzles out, check out Attractive eNewsletter Package, and I’ll take the task off your hands. This marketing activity ticks so many boxes and is great value.