Whilst it’s uncertain how the next few weeks and months are going to unfold, it does feel hopeful to be moving into the next phase.

Zoom meetings are here to stay for now and keeping connected online is a priority.

I’ve noticed that people are far more proactive on LinkedIn, due to a desire to stay in touch.

This is good news for business owners as it means:

  • More eyeballs on your LinkedIn profile
  • More ideal clients happy to connect and
  • More interest in your posts

Unfortunately, if your profile is not set up correctly and your About section reads like a CV, any amount of activity you put in is going to have far less impact.

If ever there was a perfect time to have a plan to use LinkedIn as a lead generator, it’s now.

This is why I created Generating Enquiries from LinkedIn online workshop. It shows you how to:

  • Create a highly interesting profile so that your ideal clients are happy to connect
  • An optimised profile also means your future clients are more likely to find and contact you
  • Discover new potential clients and get yourself firmly on their radar
  • Create content that informs and encourages conversations
  • The result: Enquiries popping into your message box

If you’d like the effort that you put into LinkedIn to be more productive and rewarding (i.e. leads), then join my next workshop on 21st May, 10am – 12pm.

The cost is just £37, so the first new client you gain from following this logical process will well and truly pay back your investment.

I’m also on hand afterwards to provide feedback and ensure you’re happy with implementing what you’ve learnt.

I do hope you can join me.

You can find more details and book on Eventbrite.