Many years ago, I remember thinking “why isn’t there a newspaper that only publishes good news.”

Depressing headlines about awful crimes, politicians more interested in their own future than that of our country and corrupt humans taking liberties against good people, bombard us on an daily basis. The negativity soaks into your bones. Not a great way to get through the day.

The glass is more than half full

But, something extremely positive popped into my inbox this morning from Alison Reid. Alison is a leadership expert, speaker, coach and author, who I met a few years ago when we chatted about marketing for her business.

I always enjoy reading Alison’s eNewsletters. Today she introduced me to Positive News, a magazine where journalists write about good things that are happening.

For example, rather than banging on about the gloom and doom around climate change, the magazine is bursting with amazing things that people are doing to address the issue.

These positive stories can help you too

Apart from a good feeling this magazine brings, how can it help you in your business?

Positive news that makes you smileI have 36 Google Alerts providing me daily emails with links to stories and articles that I can share on social media on behalf of my clients or myself. As with news websites and daily papers this produces a plethora of negative ‘stuff’ that I really don’t want to share.

Now, thanks to Positive News, I have a website I can go to and find a wide range of inspiring and optimistic stories. Take a look and find the stories that are relevant to your followers, spread positive vibes, bring a smile to their face and show how much you care.

When you send positive vibes, you’ll be surprised what you get back.

More positive news!

Creating a Marketing Plan is often the step that’s missed and why many businesses owners are frustrated and disappointed with their marketing results.

The route to marketing activities that generate quality leads starts with a Marketing Plan.

Simple as that.

Everything you need to know about the Marketing Planning Workshop is here.

It’s a day full of learning, discussion and fun exercises that drill down to the information you need about your customers, your business and you. It’s how you use this information in your marketing activities that will generate quality leads. So, we’ll cover this in the workshop too.

Clicking the link above to find out more is the first positive step you can take!

Booking is the next positive step!

I hope you can join me.