I know one of the concerns about starting an eNewsletter is that after a few months you’ll run out of topics to talk about.

And if coming up with something interesting and worthwhile each month is difficult, forget committing to posting on social media every week, let alone every day!

Here’s the PROBLEM

If you want to be known as a specialist in your field, so that you attract a flow of clients who you know can make a huge difference for, you have to consistently share content that informs your audience and positions you as that person.

If you want to receive referrals and introductions, you need to be the person who regularly springs to mind when your network of contacts come across someone with the exact problem that you resolve.

And, as you make new connections, they need to understand the PROBLEM you resolve, the SOLUTION you offer and trust you’ll deliver the TRANSFORMATION they wish for, if you ever want them to become a client.

Since your target audience need to hear or see your marketing message many times over before they sink in and you need to remain on their radar to be the obvious choice when the time is right for them, this requires being consistently visible with quality content.

Here’s the SOLUTION

Creating a regular stream of content might feel like a big ask, but with a well thought through content plan, you’ll find you’re never stuck for an idea. In fact, you’ll find inspiration all around you and creating compelling content gets quicker and easier.


As you start to show up regularly, nurturing your contacts through your inspiring content, you’ll start to receive direct messages on social media, enquiries will drop into your inbox and your mobile will buzz with calls from eager prospects.

You’ll be welcoming new dream clients into your business.

Here’s a little inspiration

Be open to content ideas. They are literally all around you.

Believe it or not, the inspiration for this marketing tip came from having my hair cut!

Today started as a bad hair day! It’s been nine months since I had my last haircut.

I booked an appointment with my favourite hairdresser.

I feel fabulous with my new hairstyle. It’s put bounce into my locks and a spring in my step!

How can you use PST to attract the attention of your next dream client?

What questions have you been asked recently by a prospect, client or by a curious networker?

How can you use that conversation as inspiration for a blog, post or even record it as quick video?

Use the PST framework to create the content. Explain the problem your ideal client is grappling with. Describe how you help and the solution you offer. Then paint a picture of what their life will be like once their problem has been resolved or what they can now do because of the transformation you helped them achieve.

You can train your brain and it won’t be long before you have ideas popping into your mind left, right and centre. They usually arrive either in the bathroom or whilst out for a walk, so be sure to grab the inspiration and do something with it. It could result in your next client.

PST! Phase 5 in my Marketing-ACTION-PROFITS online programme is how to be Consistently Visible with Quality Content to generate a flow of dream clients. If you’d like to find out more, book a call.