What’s your problem.

Rather, what’s your client’s problem?

If you don’t tell me what your client’s problem is, how can I make a great introduction to you?

These were my thoughts after a chat I had with a coach, following a networking meeting.

I asked, “what type of people do you work with, so I can think about who I can connect you with”.

The answer was, “Anybody who is stuck. Anybody who needs to get from A to B. My breakthrough sessions are brilliant. We quickly get to the nub of the problem and then I give them the tools to help them move forward.”

Well, that’s great, and the enthusiasm was tangible, but this scenario probably describes 80% of the population, with the other 20% already working on their problem with a coach.

The conversation then went on to the fear of flying and phobias.

Now there’s a problem!

Immediately I could think of several people who have phobias and I know I will come across people in the future needing help to overcome a phobia.

The percentage of the population suffering from a severe phobia is tiny, but this coach will get…

  • Introductions from fellow networkers and
  • Website enquiries and
  • Clients from social media posts

…when the marketing message leads with the problem.

So, here’s a quick tip to improve the results from your marketing.

Talk about the problem. Be as specific as you can.

When the reader sees or the listener hears their problem mentioned, they’ll sit up and take note. They’ll take action.

You’ll also become known for resolving that problem and word of mouth will deliver you introductions.

And whilst we’re on the subject of problems, I know that Consultants, Coaches and Solo Business Owners are brilliant at what they do, but marketing, very often, isn’t their forte.

This is a BIG problem, because having a marketing plan that you can easily follow, can be the difference between being successful or just getting by. It will help you:

• Have clarity and confidence about the niche you’re targeting, so that you build an audience that has real value to your business

Develop key messages, so that your marketing content creates awareness, educates and builds trust and when the time is right you’re the obvious choice

• Create services, packages and programmes that resolve a specific problem, so that your offer is extremely attractive and a no brainer to purchase.

If you’d like to boost the results from your marketing and do this within the time and budget you have (I know these are both limited [another problem]),  send me an email or give me a call on 07565 382803 for a FREE 20 minute consultation.