Following up after networking has just got a whole lot easier!

I was introduced to a great time saving App by a networking friend, Liz Walker of Inside Out.  It’s called Cardmunch. 

Tip No. 6 in my blog ‘Network strategically for maximum return on investment’ is about following up and connecting with your new contacts on Linked In.

Once the App’s downloaded, Cardmunch is like having your very own Virtual Assistant.  All you have to do is take a photo with your mobile of the business cards you collect and very soon it’s returned with a connection to LinkedIn, an email ready to say ‘Great to meet you’ and if you want to, you can save the contact details to your phone.  If you sync your phone to your Outlook, hey presto, it’ll be in there too.

It’s green too!  If you take a photo of the business card straight away you can hand it back to the owner to reuse!

What a great time saving idea.

I’d love to hear your business time saving ideas, Apps or otherwise.  So please add your comment below.

One thought on “Following up after networking has just got a whole lot easier!

  1. Jill

    What an amazing idea! I will certainly be looking into this! I always try and follow up people I meet when networking and so many people don’t! I sometimes wonder whey they go in the first place but this will make it a whole lot easier. Thank you Nicola.


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