Saying ‘thank you’

It takes 2 seconds to say “thank you” but why do people not do it?

A friend recently asked me if I could visit a personal contact of theirs to give them some advice on how they could improve their marketing.  I owed them a favour so was happy to do so and it was clear that there was no financial reward attached.

I spent time visiting them, listening and asking questions and formulating ideas.  Then later that day I detailed in an email some really good ideas that they could work on.  I even made calls on their behalf to set up a joint event.  As I say I was happy to help here.

But I’ve not even received a response to that email.  Perhaps they were expecting me to come in and wave a wand and get everything done for them.  Perhaps they liked the ideas but are not able to allocate the time to get them going.  Maybe they didn’t like my ideas; but I very much doubt that!

Just a courteous ‘thank you’ would have been nice.  Maybe I’m naive?  I expect it’s got something to do with perceived value.

On the other hand, today I have received such a lovely email with profuse thanks for my time, thoughts and prompt response (and a hint of an order!).  How lovely that was.  It’s nice to know there are people out there with manners.

What’s your experience?  And how do you say ‘thank you’?

One thought on “Saying ‘thank you’

  1. robin white

    Nicola. How right you are! Knowing the importance of saying “thank you” should be etched on the heart of every small business owner. I have lost count of the number of times that a few well chosen words (or a simple thank you lunch) have earned me another contract. I am lucky enough now to run a successful company.
    I believe that – if you want to be a successful small business – you must never forget the misquote “as you sew – so shall ye reap.”
    So – no you are not naive!


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