How can your prospects try before they buy?

Sometimes people need to sample your work before they can either understand how you might be able to help them or feel confident enough to engage you.

What can you give that will provide that experience and take your prospects to the next stage, which might be a meeting to discuss how you could work with them, followed up with a proposal?

This month, to give people a chance to sample my work, I’ve been offering a free website marketing audit whenever I introduce myself at networking events.  This has already led to a few enquiries and discussions about other marketing support that I could provide.

The website marketing audit is easy for me to do yet extremely valuable to the recipient.

I did just this for Helena Holrick and she left a lovely comment on the Attractive Marketing Facebook page, which you can read if you like.  

The website marketing audit covers:

  • Look & feel
  • Content
  • On page Search Engine Optimisation
  • Back links
  • How visitors can engage
  • Integration with Social Media

If this sounds interesting, I’m offering a free website marketing audit to the first 5 people that reply to this blog!

I’d also love to receive your comments about what you offer to enable your prospects to try before they buy.

5 thoughts on “How can your prospects try before they buy?

  1. Robyn

    Hi! I currently offer a free download (just a few pages) on my Homepage…My primary call to action is to build my data base right now.
    But I have been wondering if I should offer a free review of potential client’s Networking Pitch / 60 second introduction, as this is what most people come to me for! I’d love some ideas of what would be of most value to my website visitors…

    1. Nicola Post author

      Hi Robyn. I think a free review is an excellent idea. The difference between this and a free download is that you will be entering into a conversation so immediately you can start to build a much more effective relationship as well as giving yourself the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and expertise. Go for it! Good luck and let me know the results. Nicola

      1. Robyn

        Hi Nicola, thank you! Sometimes I need to brainstorm these ideas & your response was just what I was hoping for (and thinking too!).
        I’ll keep you posted – than you for your advice & encouragement!

  2. Natasha Baker

    Hi Nicola

    Great to meet you today! Looking forward to getting into your online training package about getting to know our customers…. But a free audit / feedback on our website would be much appreciated!


    1. Nicola Post author

      Hi Natasha

      Have you had a chance to look at the online training package yet? I’ll take a look at your website and will give you some feedback.
      Best wishes


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