We’ve introduced a new section to the award winning monthly Dorking Rugby Club Networking event. We’ve called it The Goal. It’s an opportunity for our loyal supporters to give a 10-minute presentation when they can share 7 points (in rugby terms this is a converted try!) that have helped them achieve success in their business.

I kicked off The Goal and here are my 7 business points for success.

1) Break down your big financial goal

This is always the starting point in my Marketing Planning workshops and when I start working with any new client.

You may have an idea about how much you’d like to earn in the year or how much your annual turnover should be, but do you know what this equates to in terms of the number of customers, projects, different types of services or products?

Breaking down the big financial goal in this way will help to create marketing campaigns to achieve these targets more successfully.

2) Attract your ideal customer

Now you know the number of customers you need to target or the type of business you need to achieve your goals, the question is How to attract your ideal customer?

If you haven’t yet taken time to focus on defining who your ideal customer is and the characteristics they have, I can help! You can download my eBook How to attract your ideal customer. In it you’ll find some interesting exercises to help you answer this question.
And don’t forget your ideal referrer. People who can open doors to many more or your ideal customers.

3) Staying in contact

Having a process to stay in contact with those that I meet has been my most effective activity since starting Attractive Marketing.

As you build your database of contacts through networking, exhibitions, website sign ups or telemarketing you need to have a process for building relationships with these prospects.

It takes time for people to really understand what you do and trust that you can do it well, before they can recommend you or it’s the right time for them to ask for your help. It’s important that you stay on their radar.

I do this by sharing a marketing tip each month. By writing an article (my tip) and uploading it on my website, I can then share this through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as sending it to my contacts via an email.

I’m showing that I know my stuff, I’m adding value by sharing helpful information and I’m reminding my contacts that when the time is right I’m the person that can help them. Perhaps you recognise this process!

I’ve met people just once networking yet they’ve come back to me two years later and become a client.

This process is a consistent lead generator. It ticks lots of marketing activity boxes. I’ve shown many businesses how to implement this process for themselves. For those who prefer to outsource this activity, to make sure the job gets done, I’ve created Attractive eNewsletter.

4) Be Consistent

Whatever you decide to do, whether it’s networking, using social media or implementing a process for staying in touch, as I’ve just described; be consistent. It takes time and you have to be patient. Don’t give up!

5) Be generous with your knowledge

This gives people a chance to understand how you might be able to help them and builds trust that you can deliver. You can do this is by having a Try before you buy step in your sales process or Low risk taster. Or you may give out free samples. There are lots of examples around. What could yours be?

6) Give something new a go

This is something I do each year. It keeps me motivated and excited about the future. It might be a new networking group or a new service that I’ve been thinking about introducing.

I will admit that I’ve tried some things that haven’t worked, but at least the idea’s not pestering me in the back of my mind and keeping me wondering ‘what might have happened if…?’

This year I’m launching a progamme called Sprint for Growth, which is a collaboration with Chris Thomason. Sprint for Growth helps businesses to identify innovative, new growth opportunities that they can deliver rapidly to achieve growth over the coming months.

I can honestly say that I’m extremely excited by this!

7) Collaborate

Since starting Attractive Marketing in 2011 I’ve met some fantastic business people. Many with quite different skills to me yet there’s a synergy in what we do. Together we’ve made joint presentations, run workshops and collaborated on client projects. Sprint for Growth in the previous point is an excellent example.

Of course the collaboration with Chris Webb of Marks Howard and the creation of Dorking Rugby Club Networking has been a huge successes and led to an FSB Surrey Business Award for Best Networking Group of the Year.

To summarise the 7 business points:

1) Break down your big financial goal. It will be easier to achieve.
2) Identify and attract your ideal customer
3) Stay in contact with the people you meet
4) Be consistent
5) Be generous with your knowledge
6) Give something new a go
7) Look for opportunities to collaborate

I hope at least one of these points has sparked an idea. I had a lovely thank you from one of the attendees that heard this presentation, who said they were going to be generous with their knowledge and start writing regular tips to share on LinkedIn. That sounds good to me!

If you would like to have a chat about any marketing ideas I’ve mentioned, please give me a call on 07565 382803 or email me.