These days customers, clients, consumers are very discerning.  Good value and great service is expected even when it’s not a quality product or service that’s purchased.  With expectations high how can you create the WOW factor?

But first consider; why strive to create the WOW factor.

It has a direct impact on the bottom line.  With competition fierce in most industries every business needs to keep their customers loyal.  Looking for ways to exceed expectations by adding the WOW factor will bring repeat sales and provide the opportunity to sell new products to existing clients.  It’s far easier and less costly than wooing new customers.   Experiencing the WOW factor makes customers talk.  Word of mouth and referrals can be a life blood of a business and this makes attracting new customers far easier.

So how can you create the WOW factor?

I received a fantastic email last week from Justin Price, the CEO of The Doctors’ Centre.  He urgently needed a rollerbanner for a presentation.  This is what he said, Wow.  In less than 22 hours from Designer to Client… that’s good.’

I also had the huge good fortune to dine at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, where Raymond Blanc has held 2 Michelin stars for a remarkable 28 years.  Now there is WOW factor with bells on!  From the atmospheric impact as you drive into the grounds, to the friendly and knowledgeable staff, and of course not to mention the gastronomic delight of the food, it was an incredibly memorable experience.

So whether it’s your product or the extra mile you go to deliver your service, in fact each touch point with the customer, search for ways to add the WOW factor.  It creates a win:win situation for all.  Get out and WOW!