My top 5 tips for using LinkedIn more effectively

1) Set yourself the goal to get your LinkedIn profile 100% complete by this time next week.
Go to Edit Profile and the bar on the right hand side will tell you how complete your entry is.  It will take you through the steps that are required to get to 100%.  Why do this?  Apart from having more chance of being found it presents a very informative and professional image of you.

2) Use keywords (words and expressions that searchers use) in your profile just as you would when writing content for your website or blog.
This will also help you to get found when prospects search for the types of products and services you offer.

3) Change your LinkedIn url so that just your name appears without the numbers at the end.
My url is

4) As well as joining groups that are of interest to you, join groups where your target audience ‘hang out’.
Start entering into discussions and answering questions but do not overtly sell.  Give the benefit of your expertise.

5) Look at who has checked out your profile (that’s quite interesting in itself).  Now turn this on its head and take a look at the profiles of the people you’d like to do business with.  You won’t be surprised when they start contacting you!

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