Shine a light on your best work

Have you ever noticed that tell-tale sign, as you’re telling someone what you do, as their eyes glaze over? A completely blank stare. You know they really don’t get it.

So, you try a different tack. You start describing how you’ve helped a particular customer. You describe them and perhaps their business and the problem they had. Then you explain how you helped them resolve it and the great outcomes they’ve achieved.

What a difference in expression! No more glazed eyes. You see a nod of the head, a smile and a connection in the eyes. You’re thinking, “now they get it!”

You’ve just put context around what you do. You’ve turned it into a story. Suddenly, it’s much more interesting and makes total sense.

This is exactly why having case studies on your website and using them in presentations is so important.

I’d like to encourage you to shine a light on your best work by creating case studies. This will help you to attract more business; business of the type that you really want.

Case Study Package

Before you write a case study

Before putting pen to paper there are a few things to do:

  • Gain permission from your client
  • Assure them that you will get their sign off before publishing the case study
  • Ask to use their logo and any supporting images
  • Ask for a quote or two to support your case study

How to write a case study

There’s a simple format you can use to write a case study:

  1. Describe the person or business. A short synopsis is sufficient to set the scene.
  2. Explain the challenge they were facing and the problems that arose because of it.
  3. You can also include the implication if they did nothing to resolve the problem.
  4. Now describe the solution you proposed and why it and you were right for them.
  5. Finally, explain the positive outcomes that your happy customer has gained. If you can demonstrate this with facts such as money saved, time saved, revenue gained etc. all the better.
  6. Add quotes from your client to support each section of the case study.

Gaining testimonials

Including quotes from your client throughout your case study transforms it from good to excellent! If you have a good relationship with your customer, they should be happy to help.

These quotes are worth their weight in gold. 

It means you don’t have to blow your own trumpet; they’re doing it for you. 

Prospects reading your case studies will trust the words of your customers. It’s ‘social proof’ demonstrating you really do achieve great results.

Unfortunately, gaining quotes can hold up or stall your case study. It’s not uncommon to wait forever for your customer to provide these quotes and it can feel umcomfortable chasing them. Sometimes, the quotes aren’t exactly what you were hoping for.

I have a solution!

You already know I’m a big fan of case studies, because they are a powerful and versatile piece of marketing collateral, therefore I’ve launched Attractive Case Study Package.

But, the real bonus with this package is that I interview your client. We arrange a convenient time and it only takes around 15 minutes, so not too much to ask.

As I’m interviewing them I’m furiously writing down their responses to my questions. The result; a good number of very powerful and relevant quotes.

The other benefit of having a third party interview your client is they say things to me (about you) that they possibly wouldn’t say to you.

I’m sure they’ve already expressed their gratitude and praised you on a job well done, but the conversations I have on your behalf are quite different! We end up with quotes for your case study that will make you blush!

Quotes that really do shine a light on the fantastic achievements you gain for your clients. These quotes will make any prospective customer feel extremely comfortable that you will do a great job for them too.

If you would like help writing your case studies and gaining amazing testimonials, check out Attractive Case Study Package, then give me a call on 07565 382803 or email me.