Following up an email or letter with a telephone call will greatly improve the results of a well thought out marketing campaign.

However, this step is often forgotten or ignored, which doesn’t make sense when so much effort has been put into the planning of an Attractive message (see Writing an Attractive sales letter).  It’s a task that many would prefer to avoid.  But that doesn’t have to be so.

Here are my top telemarketing tips:

1. Be prepared:
a) Know what the objective of the call is i.e. make appointment, gain email address etc.
b) Have an opening statement that’s quick and easy to say and understand.
c) List the benefits of your offering to refer to.
d) Smile.  Your sunny disposition can be heard in your voice.

2. Objection handling:
a) Think of the objections that might be given and have your counter arguments prepared.

3. The Gatekeeper
a) Make friends with the receptionist or PA.  They will often bring your details to the attention of the person you are trying to get hold of.
b) If you are following up a letter, say so.  This will get you through 9 times out of 10.

4. Motivation:
a) Book the time in your diary so the job gets done.
b) Set yourself targets e.g. number of calls, appointments etc. in a specific time frame.
c) Reward yourself e.g. make a coffee after 25 calls, a treat for every appointment made!
d) If you are well prepared you will be confident and sound confident and it will come easier to you.

5. Stay legal
a) If it’s the first time you’ve called check that the number is not registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).  It only costs 1p to check a number with companies such as

If telemarketing is really working for you consider outsourcing but make sure you thoroughly brief the agency or consultant.

It’s good to talk!  And you’ll be amazed at some of the great conversations you’ll have.