If you were to review the different types of services you provided during 2017, I wonder if you might find an accidental winner?

What do I mean by an accidental winners?

There’s an exercise I ask the attendees of my marketing planning workshops to do before they arrive. I get them to prepare a list of all their clients throughout the previous 12 months along with the services they purchased. 

This has turned up some interesting surprises over the years.

A photographer realised that quite a significant number of couples who booked her for their wedding asked if she could also take an engagement photo. Having noticed this pattern, she now proactively offers engagement photos as an add on to her wedding photography package. Thus, creating the opportunity to increase revenue.

2017’s accidental winner becomes 2018’s new revenue generator.

I can give you another example, because I’ve just completed this exercise myself. Earlier this year one of my clients, who uses the Attractive eNewsletter package, asked if I would write a case study for one of their newsletters. This was extremely successful, and four more case studies followed.

I’ve tested the idea of offering case study production at a networking group, which has resulted in another case study commission. 

So, my plan in 2018 is to develop this as the Attractive Case Study Package and proactively market it.

So, my question to you is:

Have you delivered a service that’s slightly different this year that you could package up and promote in 2018? 

What about accidental clients?

The two examples above came about as add-on services to existing clients. What if you looked over your list of customers again to see if there have been any significant changes in the types of businesses you’ve worked with?

  • Is there a different industry that has cropped up a couple of times?
  • Has the size of business changed? If so, why? Perhaps you’ve worked as an extension to a department?
  • Have you responded to a different need that wasn’t there in previous years?
  • Has there been a change in regulations that has prompted a need for your services?

Could 2018 be the best year yet?

If having reviewed the clients you’ve worked with during 2017 and you spot a pattern emerging, how might this effect your plans for 2018?

How will you make the most of this opportunity?

A marketing plan is a good place to start! 

Of course, I would say that! A marketing plan will help you understand exactly who it is that needs your services so that you can target the right people. It will help you develop an insight to what is driving them to seek out your service. And it will help you create a clear set of communications as to why you are the best person or business that they should choose.

If that sounds like a good idea to you I hope you can join me on 12th January for the Attractive Marketing Planning Workshop.

You can find the full details of the Attractive Marketing Planning Workshop here.

Here’s to a hugely successful 2018.