At the free website marketing seminar on 21st March we will be referring to the term keyword.  So in preparation here’s some information about keywords to get you thinking about how they are relevant to you.

What is a keyword?

In the context of a website, a keyword can be either one word or a phrase, which defines the subject of the webpage.

Why do we need keywords?

The keyword or phrase tells the search engine what the website or the webpage is all about.  It is really important for the search engines to suggest relevant websites based on the keyword or phrase that the potential visitor is searching on.  The search engine’s reputation relies on the searcher finding exactly what they want.

What keywords should I use?

Time spent researching your keywords will lead to the successful marketing of your website on the Internet. Finding the most popular and relevant keywords will result in driving more traffic to your website. There are tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool that can help you find out how popular the keyword is.

What do I do with my keywords?

Having discovered the keywords that your visitors are most likely to use to find your website you can now use them in the title and content of your webpage.  There are also ‘behind the scene’ areas that need to be populated with your keywords including the url, alt text, meta titles and meta descriptions.

Now you can ‘Whip your Website into Action’

But don’t worry because this is all going to be explained on 21st March at my free website marketing seminar, ‘Whip your Website into Action’.  For more details and how to book go to the ‘Events’ page.