How would you rate your marketing efforts?

You may have a good idea about how focused you are on marketing your business. But, how do you know if it’s enough? Are you doing all the right things? How could you improve?

Marketing Quiz

Here’s a quick, fun quiz to find out how diligent you are about marketing and if you’ve got most of the marketing bases covered.

The questions are easy and multiple choice. Just make a note as you go through of whether A, B or C reflects your circumstance most closely. At the end, add up how many of each you have.

The total will reveal your commitment to marketing. How you’ve answered some questions may point to small tweaks you can make, which could enhance what you’re already doing. Or, perhaps a gaping hole that should be a priority to fix!

Take the Attractive Marketing Quiz

1. Do you have a marketing plan for the current year?

A: Yes. It’s written down and referred to regularly(ish).
B: Sort of. It’s mainly in my head.
C: No.

2. Do you know who your ideal customers are?

A: Exactly.
B: Vaguely.
C: Anyone.

3. Do you actively engage with referrers (those people who can open the door to many more of your ideal customers)?

A: Yes, I have a strategy for building a referral network.
B: Sort of but it’s accidental.
C: No.

4. Have you created products or services that are specifically addressing a customer’s need or problem?

A: Yes.
B: I have plans to do so this year.
C: No.

5. When did you last review your branding?

A: My branding is current. It reflects the business accurately and the customers I wish to attract.
B: I’m aware that my business has evolved and have plans implement a brand refresh.
C: The branding hasn’t changed since the business started and looks outdated.

6. When was the last time you read your website?

A: Last month.
B: 6 months ago.
C: 12 months ago, or longer. Or, I don’t have a website.

7. When was the last time you added a new page to your website?

A: In the last month.
B: In the last 2 – 6 months.
C: 7 – 12 months ago or longer. Or, I don’t have a website.

8. Do you have at least one video on your website?

A: Yes.
B: No, but I have plans for a video this year.
C: No and none planned.

9. Do you have a lead magnet on your website?

A: Yes.
B: No, but I have plans to add one this year.
C: What’s a lead magnet?

10. Do all your web pages have the metadata completed?

A: Yes.
B: Not sure. I think some have and others haven’t.
C: What’s metadata?

11. When was the last time you created a case study?

A: In the last 3 months or I have plans for later this year.
B: Last year.
C: I don’t have any or any plans for writing case studies.

12. Have you entered for a business award?

A: I’m planning to enter for an award this year. Here are some business award winning tips.
B: I’ve entered an award in the past but have no plans this year.
C: I’ve never entered for an award and have no plans to do so.

13. When you’ve exchanged business cards at a networking event, what do you do next?

A: I email to say, ‘nice to meet you’, connect on social media and add them to my emailing list (with their permission).
B: One of the above.
C: None of the above.

14. Do you have a database of prospects that you contact regularly?

A: Yes, at least monthly.
B: Yes, but I rarely contact them.
C: No, but I have a draw full of business cards!

15. How regularly do you post on social media?

A: Daily – in line with my social media strategy.
B: Weekly – when I think about it.
C: Monthly – it’s haphazard or not at all.

16. How regularly do your social media posts include links to your website?

A: Daily.
B: Weekly.
C: Monthly.

17. When was the last time you submitted a press release to a local paper, industry publication or membership organisation e.g. Local Chamber of Commerce?

A: In the last 3 months.
B: 4 – 6 months ago.
C: Longer than 6 months ago or never.

18. When was the last time you presented to a room full of potential clients?

A: In the last month.
B: In the last 2 – 6 months.
C: In the last 7 – 12 months, or longer.

19. When you’ve sold a product or completed a service do you ask for a testimonial?

A: Yes, via LinkedIn, CheckaTrade, feedback form, Google reviews, or similar.
B: Occasionally.
C: Never.

20. Do you have time blocked out in your diary each week to focus on marketing?

A: Yes, every week. Or, I have a PA, VA or marketing support that does this for me.
B: Yes, but it doesn’t always happen.
C: No!

How may As, Bs and Cs did you score?

Mostly As

Congratulations! You are highly focused on promoting your business and attracting the types of customers you love working with. Keep up the good work!

Mixture of As and Bs (there might be an odd C, too!)

Just a few tweaks here and there and you could see some pleasing improvements to your results. Review the questions where you answered B. What do you need to do to move them to an A?

Mostly Bs

You know the importance of marketing and prepared to devote resource to it. Perhaps a more systematic approach would help to improve on current efforts. How could you move your Bs to As? Do you need to improve your knowledge in some areas? Or do you need to outsource some of the tasks? A number of tweaks in several areas and you should begin to reap the rewards?

Mixture of Bs and Cs

Perhaps you feel as though marketing is a necessary evil! You’ll do the bare minimum and find any other job to do rather than knuckle down to marketing ‘chores’. Why this is? Perhaps you don’t know where to start? Or is it a lack of time? Would guidance from an expert help you to be more confident? Or, perhaps you need to outsource some of your marketing tasks?

Mostly Cs

You’ll do anything to avoid any aspect of marketing! Or, perhaps you’ve built your business on word of mouth (which is a form of marketing), which is fine. It just might be that one day word of mouth needs to be supplemented by other activities to continue to generate leads and gain new customers.

What’s your marketing score?

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in this quiz. There may be marketing activities that you do that are not covered in the quiz. It’s intended to be a bit of fun, but at the same time spark an idea here and there that will help you to improve your marketing activities and therefore the results they bring.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

If any of the questions in this marketing quiz has prompted a thought that you would like to discuss, please feel free to give me a call on 07565 382803 or email me.