It’s all too easy to press the delete button when an email pops into your inbox.  But when a letter arrives on your desk it’s harder to ignore.  And if the quality envelope is hand written and the stamp is 1st class you’re sure to engage a few more emotions.  I’m thinking cheque or invitation already!

You’ve suddenly grabbed their attention.  Add a witty promotional item and your business card and you’re going to leave behind your message even if the letter is tossed in the bin.

And we’ve not even started on the eye catching titles, thought provoking words and time specific, tempting special offers.

I believe there’s definitely a good reason to engage your prospects and customers with a well thought out letter. It’s working for my clients.

We’ll be writing compelling letters and learning how to follow them up with a great telemarketing call at my one day workshop on 23rd November.  More details here.