Your most powerful marketing tool could be right under your nose

She could have knocked me down with a feather!

I’ve been meeting up with Charlie Lloyd of Lloyd HR Consultancy once a month for nearly a yearCharlie Lloyd now. She’s participated in my marketing coaching package and I’ve been showing her how to create her own marketing machine.

It’s been a great year for Charlie. Her client base has expanded and she’s taken on an associate to ensure she continues to provide a high level of service.

So I asked Charlie, “What has been the most useful thing you’ve learnt from our marketing sessions”.

I was expecting something to do with the way I’ve shown her how to keep in touch with her 900+ contacts. This enables her to stay on their radar, demonstrating that she knows her stuff and is there for them when they have an HR issue to resolve. Or even putting together everything that is required to get the most out of taking a stand at a business expo; before, during and after.

But no! Imagine my surprise when Charlie replied “you’ve encouraged me to be myself!”

Last time I looked at my business card in didn’t say life coach!

Be yourself

Grabbing the opportunities to present that many networking groups give you, not only is a great way to raise your profile and demonstrate your knowledge, it also gives you a chance to show people who you are.

I suggested to Charlie that she told her story. She was unsure at first, but during the process we went through planning, writing and practising her presentation she warmed to the idea.

Charlie’s story is about how she was unfairly dismissed from her job at a very young age due to health issues. It was a serious and emotional time for her and one that she didn’t talk about with people she’d only just met. She felt that letting people know how young she was to be starting her own business might count against her and her health history was neither here nor Charlie skydivethere.

Now, Charlie’s confidence has grown and she enthusiastically tells people that she jumps out of planes to raise money for the MS Society to help other people suffering with the same disease. Charlie likes to call this CSR – Charlie’s Social Responsibility!

So when I think about Charlie’s reply to my question, I realise that it’s about people buying from people that they know, like and trust.

You need to let people know a little bit about what makes you tick. This helps them to decide whether they would like to work with you in the future.

Social media allows us to continue networking and build relationships in the virtual world, showing who we really are. Although, in some instances it has worked against certain individuals who have posted comments they later regret. And, personally, I don’t want to know what people have for breakfast or that they’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the sunshine!

You are your best marketing tool!

What image are you leaving behind after a networking meeting? If someone checks you out on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter what feelings will they have about you?

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